Marking A Vehicle As Claimed

This article will explain how to mark a vehicle as claimed in TowLien and how to add additional interests to the claimant list

1.  Navigate to the vehicle you would like to claim and select the Tasks tab

Navigate tasks


2.  Under Tasks - Vehicle Tools Select Claim by Interested Party

Vehicle tools


  1. Select the Interested Party from the "Claimed by" dropdown
    ☑️ Checking the Claimed by "your company name" will set the vehicle as claimed to your company without having to add an additional interested party manually
  2. Select Go


Your vehicle will now be set to status Claimed by the interested party selected or entered.




Adding a new party as a claimant

⭐If you would like to add an interested party select Add New Party


  1. Enter the additional party information
  2. Select Add

    add party


  1. Select your new party under the "Claimed by" dropdown
  2. Select Go

    select party

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