TowLien Vehicle Status

TowLien vehicle inventory and understanding their status


We are going to break down the vehicle status (1) and vehicle tasks (2) in this article and explain what each status means to you.   Lets start with vehicle status. 


Vehicle Details Header

Vehicle Status

Vehicles can range in status depending on your current state, and where you are in the notification process on the vehicle, here are the most common with their description.

ActiveVehicle is in active inventory
ClaimedVehicle has been marked as claimed by owner, your company, or other interested party
CancelledVehicle has been cancelled by user
Pending ResponseVehicle is pending results of a search or we are waiting on the response from the state for your results


Vehicles next task is processing for you.  If you have multiple vehicles submitted in a short time or use a batch upload, your vehicles may queue while being searched or letters are being sent


Vehicle Task and Status

Vehicle tasks will show either your next task that is due, or if the vehicle has no active tasks your last completed task and that status.   Here are the most common vehicle task and status descriptions.

Example:  Sent First Notice - Completed

CompletedTask described has been successfully completed
ExpiredTask has expired and must be completed again (this may involve another search in some states)
FailedTask failed to complete (reason will be given)


Task has been submitted to its location

In Progress

Task is currently processing, if this is a letter being sent it will change status once it has been received to the mailhouse

Task Tips

Here are a few things to remember about vehicle status and tasks

details page

  1. All actions taken on a vehicle are stored on the Tasks Tab of the Vehicle Details page
  2. If you have a task due it will display on the Tasks Tab and the Vehicle Summary Tab
  3. All completed tasks are listed under the Tasks Tab and under the Vehicle Summary Tab with the date the task was completed
  4. User cancelled tasks are also listed under the Tasks Tab with details on when the action was cancelled

If you have any questions about vehicle status or vehicle tasks Contact Us!

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