How To Search & Mail Notices With TowLien

This article will Show you how to add a vehicle to your TowLien account and mail letters

Start by browsing to the TowLien Website and Log in. 

Vehicle Entry

After login select  ADD VEHICLE on the top left of the navigation bar

1.  Choose the search method you would like to use (details below) verify vehicle details, and press submit.  

VIN search allows you to enter the vehicles Vehicle Identification Number and perform a search of the state records.  TowLien will automatically decode the VIN for you to verify YEAR MAKE and MODEL before submission.  

Plate entry does not search the plate directly.  The function of the plate entry will do a search for the vehicle and pull the VIN.  If you confirm the retrieved VIN from the plate and state chosen is correct, the VIN will be sent to the state for a search of records. 


Manual entry allows you to add a vehicle yourself to the TowLien database.  This option is often used if search is not needed because information was obtained from another source.  With this option you will be able to enter vehicle details directly and still mail your letters.  


2.  Enter the tow details on the next screen and submit.  

Mailing Notifications

Choose the task you would like to complete, then select send.  

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