TowLien Dashboard Filters

This article contains the basics of navigating the TowLien from your Dashboard


TowLien was designed with ease of use in mind.  Logging into to your your account takes you to the Dashboard to save you time from finding vehicles that need actions performed.

⭐Vehicles that do not have items due can be found under Inventory


Dashboard filters
Dashboard filters allow you to easily sort vehicles after logging on the default view selected is Action required.  Lets explain each filter and how it works.

Dashboard filter

Action Required - vehicles that require user interaction.  This can be anything from sending a notice to changing a vehicle date.  The Next Task header on the grid will show the action required. 

Dashboard due


Upcoming Reminders - Reminders set on vehicles by users.  Reminders are useful for telling you when to print a packet, or other actions.  We find it useful to set reminders to claim vehicles or update the status to maintain proper inventory


Needs Attention - Vehicles with expired tasks will end up in needs attention.  This can be from a missed user deadline or if a vehicle sits too long without sending any notices.  TowLien will help you proceed with the next step, but in some cases a vehicle will need to be searched or entered again.  

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